Neverstop is a performance-based project that fusions various phases and forms of media production and performance while interacting with communities for a public exchange of art expressions and creative work elements.

The project is divided in several stages of work:

–       training and exchange

–       -show preparation

–        performance and media production

–       documentation and feedback.




The final result is an ongoing series of performances, installations, media production involving: records and online content, including mp3s, pdfs, a blog, a Youtube channel and other viral communication means, books, movies, short films, object books and catalogs to document the project.



Concept: Each series of the project is based around a musical performance by an everchanging ensemble, created by members of the Neverstop team, and the community of each place where the project is developed. There are no pauses from beginning to end, it is one long performance, previously coordinated on site to make the best use of each location and participants’ ideas.

Set up: The set up process involves collaborations between local artists, volunteers, art collectives, cultural and community centers, as well as the invited participants and performers, members and collaborators of NEVERSTOP.

Duration: The groups work out the entirety of the show over the course of two weeks. The final performance is filmed in one shot.



-Brandon Davis: Project Director, performance coordinator.

-Elizabeth Torres: Media Director, documentation and P.R

Our team varies depending on local collaborations, volunteers, and invited artists for each of the series.


What we need:

-Housing: shelter in eaither dorms, collectives, hotels, etc.

-Stipend: Covers basic needs, including food, additional emergency expenses.

For budget information, please contact us.

We can develop a sliding schedule based on distance and sponsors, etc.

-Transportation: a van, and/or a budget for tickets from and to location. Gas money not included on stipend.

-Performance locations including tents, stages, cultural centers, theaters, etc.

-sound system.


First Level:

(cheapest route) Shows are planned and hosted by various DIY squat houses and anarchist collectives. Our crew moves into their space and we work with them to create the performance. By living and working together we build a unique relationship that manifests in the final performance.

This is the option that sounds most doable at the moment, to get started. If this sounds like something you could arrange with your community, don’t think about it twice… contact us, with the following answes:

What would be the approximate starting date for this? Ideally? ______

How many stops would we make on a first NEVERSTOP tour,  based on locations where we have most connections or possibilities of getting the idea running? ________

What would we need to get started? _________

What’s the pitch for the collectives and squats? _______

Why would you want NEVERSTOP in your area?

Second Level:

We tag this idea on to festivals where they supply us with a tent and stage and sound system, we run it as part of the performance. if we can get time, then we can build bigger stuff. requires funding.

Ask us for a proposal letter. We’ll be happy to send you additional info.

Third Level:

We get a grant to fund the purchase and maintenance of vans, trucks, circus tent, stage, sound system, mobile kitchen, portable toilet service and trash recycling and collection. then we put the thing on the road like a travelling circus and set up outside of towns. we have to afford to feed, shelter and manage the waste produced by an army of us.

Interested? Please write to Elizabeth Torres for a proposal letter and additional budget info.




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